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Sobering statistics for the left

Democrats have slim chance of keeping control of the Senate
Democrats have slim chance of keeping control of the Senate
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Recent poll results indicated what many Americans already know: President Obama and Senate Democrats are in trouble with regard to this year's mid-term elections and will likely lose control of the Senate. The most recent Allstate National Journal Heartland Monitor poll, conducted in April 2014, indicated that Obama’s overall approval rating is a mere 40 percent, which is essentially the lowest level recorded since 2009, when Heartland Monitor first began gathering statistics on this Administration.

Trouble for key state Democrats

The general attitude of voters toward the incumbent President has traditionally played a bigger role than those towards Congress itself where midterm elections are concerned. Unfortunately for the Democrats, these attitudes towards the nation’s direction and the President remain somewhat frosty.

Twenty-seven percent of individuals polled stated they thought the country was headed in the right direction, while 62 percent believed America was headed in the wrong direction. As one might suspect, there is still a significant racial gap associated with this question, with 41 percent of minorities saying that America is going in the right direction, followed by only 22 percent of Caucasians who agree that this is the case. Among Caucasians, only one in six believe the country's leaders are taking them down the best path.

This number is perhaps one of the most important statistic regarding this year's midterms. This is due to the fact that in seven key states where Democratic Senators must defend their seats–West Virginia, South Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alaska–this demographic represents a substantial percentage of the electorate vote.

Additional statistics

Only 25 the population believe that President Obama’s actions have enhanced economic opportunity for American citizens, and a whopping 46 percent agree that his actions will ultimately diminish the number of opportunities with which they are presented. Almost 23 percent said they would essentially be unaffected economically by the President's actions.

Reasons to worry

It is essential to understand that it is more than merely the percentage of disapproval that should worry Senators to the left of the aisle, but the intensity of that disapproval. Adults who strongly disapprove of Obama's overall job performance continues to hover at 40 percent, while the percentage of those who strongly approve rests at a mere 20 percent.
Although exceptions are possible, the aforementioned statistics reinforce the belief that this year's midterms will be a referendum on the economic disaster called Obamacare and the President Himself.