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Soap opera fans' fight unwisely promotes TV show cancellations

Sincere fans know that everyone's job matters.
Sincere fans know that everyone's job matters.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

'The Young and the Restless' has reigned over the daytime world for 27 years. Sustained success is generally applauded by some and derided by others, based upon differing opinions. Yet, certain facts can't be denied by balanced minds.

Soap operas naturally evoke passion from fans of different entertainment persuasions. Separately, certain daytime dramas have long been chided by those who don't appreciate the genre in general, or a certain show in particular. However, there's no honest disagreement about the significance of televised serials within the history of the medium.

There are many reasons why the four remaining network shows (YR, 'The Bold and the Beautiful', 'General Hospital' and 'Days of Our Lives') aren't as popular as they once were. Recent ratings' results pale in comparison to glory days (or weeks) in past decades. But, honest analysts also know that the same descending trend lines have affected all other scripted television shows.

YR won the most-recent Nielsen Ratings' week once again. As usual, BB finished second, GH third and DOOL was fourth. However, each steamer is strongly staffed by talented people who work hard to deliver quality entertainment to the masses.

One doesn't need to have worked in Hollywoodland to offer honest critiques of the business. That's the right of every fan, within limits. However, a lack of on-screen, or off-screen, experience would place consistently negative views hurled at a star, an executive, or a show in a box with slanted conjecture, or even into the seasoned jealousy jar.

Sincere fans of the genre should do their part by consistently offering positive public support to everyone who earns a living through this entertainment form. Anyone who acts otherwise might miss the point that fewer shows mean fewer jobs and eventually the potential elimination of daytime drama from every network's TV schedule. No reasonable aficionado would hope for, or ever help to create, that real-life story.

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