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Soap Box

Soap Box
Soap Box
Soap Box

Soap Box sent over the following for our perusal;

  • All-Natural Lavendar Bar Soap
  • All-Natural Black Bar Soap
  • Lavendar All-Natural Liquid Hand Soap (8 ounces)
  • Mandarin All-Natural Liquid Hand Soap (8 ounces)
  • Black All-Natural Body Wash (14 ounce)
  • Pomegranate All-Natural Body Wash (14 ounce)

The Pomegranate All-Natural Body Wash smells incredible. We are so extremely picky about scents and aromas, we had made up our minds that we were not going to like it. Thank goodness, we are willing to push past what we assume that we know, because, this stuff smells incredible! We adore the scent, in fact.

However, the Black All-Natural Body Wash does not fare as well in the smell department. It smells of black licorice. It's not terrible. It just reminds of us an unsavory candy. However, it does a great job as a soap. All of the soaps from Soap Box Soaps clean well. There is no question about that.

The hand soaps smell and clean well, as do the bar soaps. The package design for all of Soap Box Soaps are excellent too! You get what you pay for! You actually get what you have paid for. This seems difficult to find sometimes.

Oh, yeah. There's another reason why we like Soap Box Soaps. They have partnered up with Vitamin Angels. For every bottle of body wash which is sold, one child in need will receive vitamins for a year. This is good because a lot of children perish due to malnutrition.

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