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Soaked matted mess turns out to be adorable pooch: Couldn't tell front or back

The matted little mess of a dog gets back her life. Say hello to Ellen.
The matted little mess of a dog gets back her life. Say hello to Ellen.

Described as a "pungent, urine soaked matted" mess of fur, rescuers weren't even able to recognize the front from the rear of this dog they found on Sunday at an open access Chicago animal shelter. The rescuer needed a treat to see which end lifted up to sniff, in order to determine where the nose might be on this horribly neglected young dog.

The urine soaked matted mess was surrounded by flies when found in a county shelter.
Trio Animal Foundation

"Flies and gnats swarmed around the pup and what appeared to be the dog’s back legs dragged on the floor and left a watery trail… just like a snail. As it turned out, the dog had two very petite legs hidden underneath all the knotted fur, and the outer appendages were just matted fur and debris," stated Sue from the Trio Animal Foundation, a Chicago non profit which assists shelters, rescues, and helps to pay medical bills for homeless pets.

A veteran groomer from Mutt Hutt, Kelli, took on the monumental task of "finding Ellen," the little eight pound dog hidden beneath the mounds of stinky matted fur. For an hour and a half, the heavy casings of fur were shaved away; right down to having to pull the hair out of the dog's ear canal. Not once did Ellen growl or show any aggression.

"When it came time to shave the matted fur that had tightly wrapped its way around Ellen’s raw legs like a snug boot, Ellen actually looked up at me and started to give me kisses. I could have died" stated her rescuer, Sue.

"Even better, the first time that she could feel the touch of my hand on her newly shaven back, she looked me in the eyes, and it was as if she was saying thank you; her past abuse was literally being shaved away."

Two pounds of fur were shaved away from Ellen. And with all the neglect and abuse this little two year old dog must have endured, she is still extremely friendly and affectionate to humans and gets along fine with other animals.

If you are interested in adopting Ellen, please fill out an adoption application at . Once Ellen receives a clean bill of health from The Animal Foundation's veterinarian, she will be spayed and ready for her new forever home.

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