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SOAKED, Ideal for Summer Rooftop Lovers in New York

A gorgeous view at dusk.
A gorgeous view at dusk.

With summer quickly approaching, it's nice to know you can spend nights out soaking in the spectacular sights and sounds of New York City at SOAKED atop the Mondrian Soho Hotel.

This "orchard to bar" lounge offers stunning, panoramic views of NYC

This venue features panoramic penthouse views of Manhattan with plenty of cushioned-seating and standing room. The atmosphere tends to draw the beautiful fashionable people, and it's ideal for anyone who has a taste for the finer things in life. If you like dancing, you're not alone, the people who frequent this place tend to dance more than laze around with cocktails. The service is generally good here; the servers are friendly, and the bartenders really know how to craft a quality cocktail. There's an undeniably cool vibe that's enhanced by SOAKED's light and airy design, encouraging fun and intimacy.

The cocktails here are inspired by a 'farm to table' concept that's been quasi-redefined as 'orchard to bar' at SOAKED. If you're leading an organic lifestyle, you'll surely appreciate the fresh-pressed juice cocktails here. The spiked lemonades are particularly tasty, and can be ordered by the pitcher- an ideal choice for groups. The Strawberry-Mint variety is a refreshing choice, offering the right balance of fruity and cool notes, and the Peach-Ginger is a delightful melange of sweetness and subtle heat. If you're into Iced Tea and Bourbon, you'll love the Old Foster Bourbon & Orange Blossom Rooibos spiked blend. Another noteworthy choice falls under the 'Health Shots' category; the Energy Booster, featuring Zico coconut water, Acai berries, Goji Berries, aloe vera and Leblon cachaca.

There's even sweet and savory popcorn to munch on; made-in-house, flavors include: Classic Butter, Truffle Salt & Parmesan, Cool Ranch, Spicy Chorizo, and a dessert variety, Chocolate & Peanut Butter. So while the prices here are on the expensive side of the fence, given the ambiance, quality ingredients, great DJs, and stunning after-sunset views, SOAKED worth the splurge.