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So your partner is no longer interested in sex

This article is directed to a specific target audience...straight men whose partners have lost interest in sex. We know there are many of you out there, as we have heard your whining. Unfortunately, the very people who could benefit by reading this article...probably won't.


I will write it anyway. It's my job.

Women lose interest in sex for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is menopause. It's basic biology. The hormones that regulate sex drive diminish. When women are no longer able to reproduce, interest is lost in the activity that makes that possible. You guys don't lose the ability to reproduce as you age Not very romantic, but biology rarely is. In this instance, it has nothing to do with you. There are things going on inside her that you would be wise and loving to try to understand.

Another reason, again related to hormones, is menstruation. This is uncomfortable and personal for most women and sex is not an option. Many of you men understand this. But not from the woman's point of view. You just think its gross. So you grit your teeth and clench your fists and wait for the damn period to be over with.

Medical reasons can come into play. There are a variety of medical conditions that restrict sex or cause lack of desire. Many medications can have this effect as well. Again, nothing to do with you.

Now for a possible reason that DOES have to do with you. Are you a loving partner? Do you listen? Have you kept up with health and grooming habits? Do you keep your Neanderthal mentality in check?

Here comes the point where many of these men say something like "We don't care about the reasons. We just want sex!" Well then, here are some of your options. Leave the relationship and find someone who wants to have sex with you every time you want it. And good luck with that. Or, you can stay in the relationship and cheat on her. Many of you already do that. It is ironically interesting that some of you will pay prostitutes even though you know they are not REALLY interested in having sex with you. Or you can master the fine art of masturbation and maybe even discuss with your partner, the possibility of watching or participating with you.

Before we move on to a final option, please don't whine about your lack of sex to other women. Some might give you pity sex but most women are turned off by this. It's not our circus...not our monkey.

And now the one more option. Perhaps you can go inside yourself and figure out just how much you love your partner. And then realize that while sex is an important aspect of life it is not the number one priority. Such things as respect, compassion and patience are far more meaningful.

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