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So you want to major in English?


If you wish to major in English at Goucher College, then you are in for lots of reading and writing, and constructive criticism. At Goucher, the professors are extremely helpful and if you put fourth an effort, they will see that and will be more willing to help you when you are having difficulty understanding the coursework. This also goes for students majoring in English at other colleges. Putting fourth an effort, doing the work, and maintaining a good attitude toward learning are usually surefire ways to cement that "A" as well as the respect of a professor.

The English major consists of literature courses, writing courses and critical reading courses.  The required literature courses that are offered at Goucher are English 211, 212, 215 and 232 (for writing majors). 211 consists of literature ranging from the story of Beowulf to the literature written by Dryden; 212 focuses on the range of authors from Pope to Eliot. 215 is a class that's main focus is the eight ways of looking at a text. 232 is a class in the writings of Shakespeare.

With the English major at Goucher, students can do one of two things: a concentration in either literature or writing. All of the courses listed above, except for the Shakespeare course, are required for both concentrations.

Those who are concentrating in literature must take courses that focus on certain eras, such as the Medieval, Romantic, or American literature.

Those concentrating in writing have to take a certain number of 200 level writing courses. There are courses available in poetry, short story writing, journalism, and prose.

If you are a prospective student, you should go to the Goucher website and arrange a visit and tour of the campus.  You could talk to the Admissions department about Goucher's English department during your visit.







  • Paul 5 years ago

    Very helpful.

  • College Applicant 5 years ago

    I am hoping to major in English, and probably will. This article is very informative. Thank you.

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