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So you want to be a hypnotist

You don't need a watch to be a hypnotist
You don't need a watch to be a hypnotist
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If you’ve ever seen a hypnotist or even had an idea of what one does, you’ve probably had that little voice inside you say something like, “Man, I wish I could do that!” or “I wish I could make people do what I want them to do like that hypnotist did.”

I have good news for you. You can do that. Hypnosis is not that hard, once you learn the initial “secrets” of hypnosis. But before you learn the “secrets” you have to clear your mind of all the myths and lies about hypnosis. You have to know things such as:

  1. You can NOT control anyone’s mind with hypnosis.
  2. Hypnotists do NOT have special powers.
  3. Only certain people can be hypnotized.
  4. You can get stuck in hypnosis.
  5. Only the weak minded can be hypnotized.
  6. You are asleep or unconscious during hypnosis.
  7. In hypnosis you’ll be able to recall everything that has ever happened to you.
  8. Hypnosis is dangerous or the “devil’s” work.
  9. You will become dependent on the hypnotist.
  10. The hypnotist can make you say and do anything they want you to say or do.

These are all lies (or myths, if you prefer) about hypnosis. If you understand this, then continue to read. Otherwise, turn back and abandon ye all hope.

Listen, hypnosis is something we all go into in one form or another every day. It is not some mystical, forbidden, deep-rooted witchcraft. In fact, it has been proven medically and therapeutically helpful for millions of people. If you want to become a hypnotist, there are some things that can help you get there.

First, read as much as you can about hypnosis. Start with my articles (shameless plug). Seriously, read articles, news, blogs, websites, and anything you can get your hands on. Here is a great place to start: Don’t buy into one way over another. Keep an open mind and don’t make rash judgments or dismissals. Let your brain learn.

Second, find either an accredited school or a certified trainer to help guide you. Education is always important and it will provide you with the background and ethical training to help build you into a hypnotist. Prices for school vary greatly. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE SPENDING A DIME!

Third, watch other professional hypnotists. You can see some videos on YouTube or you can keep an ear out for hypnotists visiting in your area. Remember, stage hypnosis is completely different from therapeutic hypnosis. It is best to concentrate on one area first, get the basics then move to the next level. Don’t take on more than you can afford or learn.

Finally, practice, fail, practice with corrections, get better, and practice…practice…practice…practice. When you’ve finished practicing, practice again. Maybe you’ve figured out that practice is important. It does not make you perfect, but it does make you proficient.

Hypnosis is fascinating. You can learn to help and/or entertain others. You can learn a lot about yourself. You could earn some money. And you could amaze your friends, family and self.


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