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So, you want to be a championship dog breeder? Part one

It’s post-Westminster and I’m always asked the same question at this time: what does it take to be a championship breeder? Well, it isn’t simple. It can take years to establish your reputation. Successful breeders have devoted much of their lives to producing championship stock. It starts with the love of one breed of dog, although breeders have been known to change breeds.

To produce a championship litter, one must have intelligence, patience and more than sufficient funding. Breeding is time consuming; it requires dedication and devotion to the one breed of dog. Some breeders start as empty nesters; others, not meant to be grandparents, still want to fulfill their lives. So, it becomes a passion. If you’re not a passionate person, you don’t want to be a breeder. Because there’s never an easy fix or a short cut. Breeders always have to look to the future, to improving their lines and preserving their stock. And most important of all, a breeder has to have vision.

Here are some considerations. Where will your foundation stock come from? What traits do you want to reproduce? Which do you want to eliminate? The best place to start is at a dog show. You will be attracted to one breed of dog over all the others. Breeders and Handlers are always willing to talk about their dogs; it comes with the territory. They can point you in the right direction and be straightforward in doing so. Getting a good, solid start is critical, so research is fundamental.

Upcoming: Part two

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