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So you've met "The One"

He (or she, of course) is perfect. They fit all your nit-picky qualifications that you thought would never be fulfilled. You think that they are the perfect person for you, and have convinced yourself of the fact, but you haven't exactly...made their acquaintance.

There are many ways to begin to talk to someone you admire, but they all require the possibility of being rejected, or hurt. That is what is so crippling; the fear of failure is just so great that they content themselves with sitting on the sidelines, only observing the object of their affection. It's not hard, though, with these tips.

1. Make sure that you are treating them like a human. Many people are guilty of putting their infatuation up on a pedestal, thinking that they are worthy of so much more than they are. They are just as human as you are.

2. Find something you have in common. If they're in one of your classes, you have that class. If they're in the library- ask them what they're studying (when they're taking a break, of course; don't want to interrupt them). Sports, food, travel, music- there are so many topics that can be explored!

3. Look your best. Half of the battle is convincing yourself that you are worthy of their love, or telling yourself that you are just as attractive as they are. And trust me, you are.

4. If they don't live up to their expectations, don't give up. There can be more than one "One." You may have just met someone else's.

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