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So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Review

photo courtesy of fox

Tonight the competition began for the top 20 finalists of "So You Think You Can Dance. The judges for the evening were Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Adam Shankman. There is still a chair open for the lovely Paula Abdul. We will see as time goes on, if she participates in the show. 

Host Cat Deeley, announced that Billy Bell has left the competition. He was released from the hospital today. However, according to his parents, he is not well enough to return to the competition. His parents stated, "Billy hopes to return to audition for Season 7. Billy thanks all of his fans for their love and support." 

Noelle Marsh was sitting out of the competition today. Her Choreographer Melanie LaPatin, took her place with Russell Ferguson. They performed a fox trot. It was such a shame to see Noelle injured. The dance would have been much better with Noelle performing it. However, Russell did a great job adjusting to a new partner. 

Phillip Attmore and Channing Cooke were the first couple to take the stage. Jason Gilkison choreographed a jive for them. The struggled with their tricks in this dance. It was obvious that their connection needed to be worked on. Channing seemed to be sloppy with her footwork. 

Contemporary dancer Jakob was paired up with ballroom dancer, Ashleigh. They were working with Tyce Diorio in a broadway piece. Adam stated that Ashleigh needs to work on her lines. However, overall, they received great comments from the judges. It was a sexy and vibrant dance! Jakob's jete's reached new levels of heights. 

Ariana and Peter performed a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Tabitha and Napoleon set high standards stating their chemistry must be perfect, or the dance will fail. As always the choreography was very unique. However, the couple didn't seem to pull it off. Ariana missed her aerial. Peter was not as sharp as he should have been. 

Bianca and Victor hit the stage with a contemporary piece choreographed by Travis Wall. This was a brilliant piece. Their connection was stronger than other couples thus far. Victor's tour jete was beautiful! Bianca had such control is in arching her back down to the floor as Victor held her.

Ballroom dancer Karen and hip hop dancer Kevin were paired up to perform a cha cha to "Push it" by the "Glee Cast." Karen stole the stage in this performance. However, they lost their focus during their leg lift tricks. Overall, it was a good performance. 

Ryan and Elenore hit the stage with a contemporary Jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. The dance started out with Elenore running out doing a beautiful jete. The couple were in sync throughout the entire dance. Judges stated they were the most exciting pair. Ryan did an amazing job for being out of his element. 

Pauline and Brandon performed a smooth waltz. Brandon replaced Billy's spot at the last minute. Pauline's chaines floated across the dance floor. Brandon's Port de bra's were a bit clumsy. Together, they are a cute couple. However, the waltz was not smooth as it should be. 

Kathryn and Legacy performed a hip hop dance choreographed by Dave Scott. The dance was buck! They hit their moves sharp! There was great chemistry between the two of them. As Mary Murphy stated, "Pebbles and Bam Bam were busting a move!" It was great to have someone wake us up after the last performance. 

Mollee and Nathan were the last to perform for the evening. They performed a disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. This was on the fastest dances of the night! It was also one of the best performances of the evening. Mary Murphy called them the "dream team."  Their energy brought the dance to life. There was so many lifts and tricks. Stunning performance! 

After each couple performed, the judges chose 2 girls and 2 guys to dance for their life. The 2 girls were Pauline and Ariana. The 2 boys were Russell and Brandon. Thea audience frowned when they announced Russell's name. A crowd favorite. They each performed a solo to try to stay in the competition. Each solo was amazing! The judges deliberated and cut Ariana and Brandon. 

Tune in next week to Fox see which guy and which girl will be sent home.