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'So You Think You Can Dance:' The season premiere

Nigel Lythgoe creator, producer, director and judge on So You Think You Can Dance
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

It is without question that “So You Think You Can Dance” is the ultimate expression of beauty, talent, tenacity, and passion. On Wednesday night was the 11th season premiere, and once again the fascinating dancing this show offers mesmerized viewers.

There are many heart wrenching stories of struggles and tribulations for this dancers, who rather than choosing a wrong path as excuse for their misfortunes, instead, take on a path that demands that maturity that can only be acquired through hardship and sadness. On previous seasons viewers have been introduced to the silliness, delusional and insulting behavior of some people who come to audition for this show, but in reality have no place being there, these moments of utter embarrassment have been shown as a sidebar which is more up to par, because the beautiful dancing that some have to offer is what this show is about.

And then there are those who captivate the attention of everyone, because of their look, their story, or just that uniqueness that some individuals possess. The auditions began in New Orleans and one of the first dancers was Tanisha Belnap, who from the moment she walked onto the stage viewers knew that something good was going to happen, her poise and proud walk augured greatness and her struggle to be a dancer working all sorts of jobs to pay for her studio time was an indication of her dedication and commitment to the art of dancing. And then there was Megan Marcano, who grew up in foster homes along with her other siblings, such a young and so much hurting already, but she uses that heartache to elevate her dancing to a level that leaves audiences fascinated and transport to a place where tranquility and love prevails. And of course there was Caleb Brauner, who had auditioned before for this show and his father was brought on stage and provided a hilarious and lighthearted moment for the show, unfortunately his father passed and Caleb returned hoping for the coveted golden ticket was sent to choreography where they must dance with a partner and prove that they have what it takes, Caleb did not, but then he came back once the auditions were in Chicago, -never before has a dancer been eliminated in one city and during the same season returned to audition in a different city-. And once again was sent to choreography, this time though, he did get the golden ticket.

“So You Think You Can Dance” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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