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So You Think You Can Dance S11: E2 - Los Angeles and Chicago auditions

2nd episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE have auditions continue in Chicago and move onto Los Angeles as dancers compete to advance to Las Vegas.
2nd episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE have auditions continue in Chicago and move onto Los Angeles as dancers compete to advance to Las Vegas.
Adam Rose/FOX

The second week of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX picks up on day two of the Chicago auditions with guest judge Fabrice Calmels of the Joffrey Ballet. Though many watchers may not be familiar with him, he was quite popular and well known with the contestants.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: A contestant shows off her moves on Day 2 of the Los Angeles auditions for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on FOX
Adam Rose/FOX

Paul Brushhaber - 18 - Puppetry: This unusual dancer took the time to create his own new style of dance that actually comes off quite compelling, though didn't really show much sign of formal training which made it surprising when the judges put him through to the next round without proving himself in choreography first.

Emily James - 21 - Contemporary: After not making it the previous three seasons, she returned in true determined-dancer fashion for another shot. After watching her young cousin display some great moves of her own, Emily proved how much she has grown with a stunning performance that put her straight through to the next round.

Franchesca Bass - 18 - Contemporary: With a lead story of functioning Alopecia as the reason for her baldness and skin pigment, the stage was set. She may have taken it too far with a piece that made her appear like an alien, which took away from the beauty of her movement. However, the judges were sold and put her through.

Jenna Scaccia - 18 - Ballet: As a student at Joffrey Academy and fan of guest judge Fabrice, Jenna was feeling added pressure in her audition. However, she responded with one of the most captivating auditions in recent years and won the hearts of everyone watching.

James Thomas - 18 - Hip-Hop: Every season there has to be at least one audition that is very good at "bone-breaking" and contorting. James was able to get all three judges and even Cat to cringe, but when your good it's like a bad accident, you just can't stop watching no matter how bad you want to look away. Worthy enough to give choreography a try, though he gave up before attempting it out of respect to his partner, bringing day two of the Chicago auditions to a close.

Christina Applegate joins the panel as a guest judge at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

Jessica Richens - 18 - Contemporary: Jessica was really the whole package, with great looks, well trained and a performance packed with diversity, sex appeal and tons of personality. The judges agreed and silently moved her onto the next round.

Valerie Rockey - 20 - Tap: Though tappers have not historically done well on this show, Nigel has always been a huge proponent to ensure they continue to get equal recognition. With that said, Valerie was as good a stand-out as can be for a base tapper and deserved the chance to try the choreography round.

Jana Vankora - 20 - Crump: As a personal friend of Phillip Chbeeb (S5) and member of his hip-hop crew, this fiery red head from the Czech Republic had a hard hitting routing deserved of the season's first standing O. Yes, she advanced.

Kyle Taylor - 28 - Popping: Kyle was simply given way too much attention. He admitted to having no formal training, being self-taught and only performing in his own living room, yet Nigel brought up Jonathan Legacy (S6), Cyrus Spencer (S9) and Fik-Shun Stegall (S10 Winnter) to battle with him. Clearly outclassed, they still put him to the choreography round.

Justine Lutz - 19 - Contemporary: Justine was a breath of fresh air, bringing obvious years of skilled training into a well choreographed and fluid routine. Speechless and full of smiles and tickets, the judges put her straight through.

Daisie Mendosia and Mauricio Vera - 27 - Ballet: This gorgeous couple was true art in motion. Enough said. Wow.

Hailee Payne - 19 - Jazz: The little girl with the strange divorced parents and huge personality grabbed the attention of Mary and Nigel to get her into the next round.

Sebastian Serra - 24 - Ballet: It's wonderful to see so many ballet auditions and even better to see Sebastian return again to fight for a spot on the show this season - and this time he goes straight through to the next round.

Dani Platz - 18 - Contemporary: It seemed that they were just trying to hard with this one for unknown reasons, starting with an uninspiring story about a brief bout with an eating disorder several years ago that left some emotional scars, ending with a strange combination of bone-breaking with contemporary. Though she was invited to try the choreography, things just didn't add up.

Marie "Poppins" Bonnevay - 27 - Popping: Day one must have been lackluster in Los Angeles, because this French girl turned Las Vegas street dancer seriously lacked real popping talent, yet the judges put her through to the next round. Sometimes they really make no sense.

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