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So you just got done working out...Now what?

Don't forget to gve your skin some TLC after a workout
Don't forget to gve your skin some TLC after a workout
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Tis the season for everyone to get a gym membership and finally stick to the New Years resolution. You wake up bright and early, complete your workout and scurry off to work but are you properly handling your skin care treatment the way you're suppose to before and after a workout?

Before you workout you want to remember a few things. First of all wash your face. You should be doing this every morning anyways but your goal here is to make sure all the dirt and makeup is off your face, that way it is less likely your pores will get clogged. Second, never ever step out of your house without sunscreen. Most of your face lotions have it built in which is good because unless you walk around with a giant hat or ski mask, your face is at risk from the sun every time you step outside.

One of the biggest recommendations I hear when going to the gym is to not wear makeup, why would you anyways right? I am guilty of wearing makeup to the gym but usually that's when I go after work. If you can help it, try not you but if you must keep it to a minimum, no foundations or concealers. Also remember that while you are in the middle of your workout, keep your hands off your face. Your hands are a breeding ground for bacteria waiting to turn your face into an acne pit. Instead, bring your own towel and dab the sweat off, this will make breakouts less likely to occur.

After your workout, regardless if you are showering or not, you want to be a little gentler on your face washing routine. Most of the time a simple wipe down with a face cleaning towelette will do the trick but if you're more prone to acne then use a face wash that doesn't cause your skin to dry out. Try to avoid foaming face washes since those are meant for a "deeper" clean. Also, make sure you hydrate your skin! All that sweating caused your body to lose precious hydration, so make sure you use your favorite face cream (and body cream.) I use Olay Active Hydrating Facial Cream in Original during the day and Night of Olay Firming Cream before bed.

I hope these tips helped and keep rocking that gym membership! You can do it!