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So you can't find a job? Try the Post Office.

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If you live in western Oklahoma, you can count on finding a job in the oilfield or McDonalds. That’s about the size of job opportunity in these parts.

Or is it?

There are HELP WANTED signs at almost every business, but most of those seem to be entry level service jobs.

Are there no tangible opportunities for some other field?

Sometimes, you just need to get your foot in the door. Such an opportunity currently exists for the United States Post Office in Foss, Oklahoma.

A Post Office position, really?

It is a part time position, but it starts at just under $12 per hour and it includes paid time off. The job is restricted to those who live within 50 miles of the facility. Applicants will be given an examination and must past a drug screen to be considered.

Applicants should apply online at Questions may be directed to or

This particular listing has an application deadline of 15 August 2014, so time is of the essence.

For those just looking for a few extra dollars here and there, mostly during the grass growing season, the Foss Post Office is also looking for someone to cut the grass. Interested parties should inquire in person at the Burns Flat Post Office, Burns Flat, Oklahoma.

These are certainly not the only job opportunities in this part of the state, but many often complain that they never heard about an opening with the Post Office. Sometimes a person just needs an opportunity to get their foot in the door so they can display their knowledge, skills, and abilities and perhaps find advancement and a career.

For the new job hunter or the one who has been out of work for a while, online navigation is essential. Many employers require applications be submitted online. This in itself is a screening tool.

For the digitally savvy person, the online world offers many job search opportunities.


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For the person that knows just a little about search terms, finding job listings in any area is a snap.

Following directions on the application, pursuing an interview, and making a good and lasting first impression are other matters entirely, but opportunity exists in western Oklahoma.