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So what's this about Truckers? A quasi-interview-review: THENSE This Weekend!

Q: That trucker thing, what's it all about?

The cavalry rides to the rescue!
Ride for the Constitution

A: No, it is not the trucker thing, it is ALL of our ‘things’ combined. A whole bunch of Truckers are headed to Washington DC this weekend, to be sure. But in a big way they are representing ALL of us.

Q:But what does that have to do with anyone else?

First of all, the whole World will be watching us. Will our elected officials try to ‘crush any “protest” like a bug’? Or will they step back and see the beauty of a “whole bunch of the unwashed masses”, peacefully expressing their displeasure at our leaders’ departure from the only guidebook they have supposedly sworn to uphold? That guidebook, our Constitution, supposedly is their “official Job Description” and sets their limits. Who can argue with that?

And what could be wrong with the people supporting the foundations on which our country was formed, peacefully demonstrating its viability today, in a way that would have pleased all of our for-bearers? What could be wrong with expressing ‘WOAH!” to a government that has lost its way?

Every now and then one MUST give the “Beast” a sharp correction just to get it back in line, no? Couldn’t they just ACCEPT this correction and change their ways? We all know they are WAY out of line and now they know, we know. Who can argue with that?

Soon we will see whether our government can take a massive hint, that they better read their copies of the Constitution during their downtime... Or if they somehow feel compelled to meddle in the mix, because they can’t enjoy anything unless they control it.

Will these meddling types sit back and let the truckers take care of their own, or will they play PsyOps just to mess with everybody? Ideally they could just consider this a lesson on sensitivity training, delivered to their door, by their constituents, (not their enemies) in the most firm, but gentle way possible. Who can argue with that?

Certainly NOT the spokespeople for the truckers! If you want to find out what is happening one must go to the source(s). I had the honor to interview Peter Santilli and his assistant Zeda Jones this morning to hear for myself. You can listen to them for yourself, HERE. They have the ability to cut through the B.S. and tell it like it is.

The event has been well thought out, has a purpose, and is open to all participants, in fact it welcomes entire families to come out and join in a trans-American family party. If you want you can find the nearest overpass to watch the parade and wave the truckers on. The first participation request is to 'raise a noise' at 10:04 AM & PM., perhaps your best "Network" impression?

As this is written, there are many many trucks arriving and staging in North Carolina, reach out to them. You might even give them a flash of inspiration while you voice your favorite issues. If you are in a state with few overpasses, you can show your support at a local rest stop, or truck stop, and bring some food to the truckers, have a picnic. Share with them.

There are many ways for you to participate, and none are really stressful; you can meet like-minded people, and celebrate the new direction we are mandating (by our sheer numbers) for our leaders to observe, formulate, implement and comply with changes. They have a few days left to begin listening to what their people think; and figure out how to explain just how they will bring their areas of responsibility into compliance. Something to think about, as they review the Constitution to understand what all the fuss is about.

A third consideration you can do to support the movement is not to let any money exchange hands during this period. The idea is that we might as well send a message to the money junkies that we are not just cash cows. For some of you this may be a very difficult thing, and everyone understands your fear of shutting down QVC for a few days, but come on, how hard could it be? And you have a couple of days to get ready. Who can argue with that?

In case you have any reservations about attending for any reason, care has been taken to direct orders that this will be a totally peaceful event. The truckers are aware that they are ‘deputized’ only to be goodwill ambassadors for the rest of us; and they know how to drive and take care of trucks; and kids love a parade.

The drivers are working as a self-regulating entity, who know the eyes of the World are upon them, while we the people must depend only on them and ourselves to get this point across. To wit: Power to the people. Together we have the ability to demonstrate that people can resolve issues by simply following the Constitution. We are leading by example, and eschewing any forms of violence or lawlessness.

Not that there are not false rumors being created for many reasons, to try to warn people off. Some of them are trying to connect the truckers with some sort of thuggish intent. Lately we have been taught there is more to fear from the ‘authorities’ than any civilians, a point brought home just last weekend in D.C. Not to worry, the truckers can take care of their business. The local police are willing to help. They understand the issues. Can the lawmakers take care of the business that we are giving them to do? We can only guess and hope. If not, they need replacement for dereliction of duty.

There are also false rumors being perpetuated by people claiming to have authority for the group. In particular, a person by the name of Earl Conway has been totally disavowed as a source, Larry Klayman has been officially installed as one. There are other groups trying to ride their coattails, officially or not. Starting tomorrow there will be 24/7 streaming internet to bring everyone up to date. You may want to send any impressionable children out of the room when you listen, as some of the language may be trucker: colorful, and right to the point.

For you to know, the truckers that you see will be almost exclusively independent ones. They are paying their own expenses. Many large trucking companies are shutting down in solidarity with the nation. Those truckers who couldn’t make the trek due to financial circumstances will be traveling in convoys for the same reasons. They will NOT affect anything to do with medical needs, baby formula, and fuel. They WILL keep the left lane open for cars, too. Who can argue with that?

If you would like to be included driving with them on the roads, the secret is to create a placard with #T2SDA for your front lawn and your car window (or shoe polish on the hood?). It will show your solidarity and rumor has it that the truckers will endeavor to show you all their courtesies in return. Courtesy on the road, what a concept, who can argue with that?

Peter left me with this thought: Everybody knows the things that are wrong, nobody quite knows what to do, but agree with the concepts behind this movement. They only disagree on the precise angle we need.

My Overview

The best case scenario might be that Obama leaves, and in a show of guilt, comes clean on who is behind everything. The Constitution benders and breakers obviously leave their offices (for much smaller quarters) never return, making way for those who can follow the Constitution. A Constitution screening process is then set up, that disqualifies ANY law on the books that transgresses, or even gets close to going against The Constitution. Then we can transform our interactions to accommodate and respect the sovereignty of our brethren. Remember the old saying; "Close enough for government work"? Time for a REAL change brother, can you spare the time?