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So what's the deal with Windows Mobile 7 and Zune?

It's interesting to listen to all of the chatter that is going around about the upcoming announcements regarding Microsoft's next OS. Of particular interest to me is how people are trying factor Zune into the equation. Many have regarded the Zune HD as a great device that would be even better if it were to have phone capabilities.

I personally see the Zune HD as a device that shows mobile device manufacturers what's possible when you create a great device with a friendly UI and put some great media playback capabilities into it. I would venture to guess that device creators can take some of the good in the Zune HD and start to incorporate it into their own devices.

I've also said that I believe that Zune is becoming more of a software+services thing than a hardware thing. We've already seen it placed into the XBOX 360 as the official video marketplace (complete with a buy once play anywhere design) and many are asking (well, demanding and I'm one of them) that Zune takes over all of the media capabilities of the XBOX 360 including it's music playback.

As the World Mobile Congress rapidly approaches in February, it will be interesting to see what we find out about 7 and how Zune will find its way into the OS -- mostly, I think, it will be more on the media side of things. You won't see Zune controlling how you use email (that'll be the job of Windows Live). :-)

But I'm curious to hear what you guys are anticipating out of the World Mobile Congress. What elements of the Zune Ecosystem would you like to see placed into mobile devices?


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