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So what's the deal, Baron?

Baron Davis was a "maybe" for tonight's game against the Sacramento Kings.  Baron has been out since November 9th, the night he only played a few minutes while managing to irritate his already hurting knee.  Not surprisingly, the Clippers decided to weathered the storm of a nasty losing streak and waited until finally winning a game before bringing B-dizzle back.   

Without Baron the Clippers went out and kicked the Kings to the curb by putting the clamps down and running away with an 18 point win, 100-82.  His replacement during his time out has been Drew Bledsoe, the rookie from Kentuky, and he has responded with passion and urgency to learn during Baron's absence. 

But the Clippers are supposed to be more than a farm-system raising the young, and that has been a difficult task with the early injuries the team has sustained. 

The Clippers face a difficult week filled with playoff level contenders.  With Baron and possibly Chris Kaman (injured ankle) returning there is hope to get that leadership that Charles Barkley wouldn't stop carrying on over during the TNT halftime report.   A two-game winning streak and some nice real-time experience by the new guys can only help promote improved productivity by Baron. 


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