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So what's next?

A beating. A schillacking. A whipping. Call it what you want, but every political pundit worth their title can say that the Democrats were handed an epic loss November 2nd. With a GOP majority in the House, and a slim majority in the Senate, the Democrats will turn away from any major reform agenda, and get back to the business of the economy. But whats next? Does it mean that Democrats will lose the Senate in 2012? The White House? Will there be a "red America" on CNN's nifty election map? Will Barack Obama be the first one-term president since George Bush (41) ?

The answer in a word is maybe. It depends on factors such as who runs for president in 2012. Will their be a primary challenge for President Obama? Will one of the "rising stars" in the Republican party make the jump to the presidential race? It depends on how the Republicans frame their agenda during the next two years. Look out for the president's re-election campaign to raise the "change we can belive in" banner by laying whatever troubles America at the feet of the GOP controled Congress.

With the President setting the national agenda, and if a majority of Americans belive that the president is responsible for an improvement of fortunes during the next election cycle, you can count on a reversal of the big gains ( though not as big) we saw on Nov. 2nd and an easy victory but hardfought campaign in 2012.

Admitedly, 2012 is far away, but desiscions are being made now. Very shortly - within the next few months - presidential exploratory committies will be formed, House and Senate candidates will be recruited by both parties and battle lines will be drawn in battle ground states for 2012, and with crucial Senate seats looming in the next cycle in some of those key batleground states like Iowa, their will be epic battles.

The elections of 2012 will be just as exciting as those of 2010, and those road begins now.


  • Jason 4 years ago

    Who do you think will run for the GOP in 2012 for president?

  • Drew Kirby 4 years ago

    Recent polling looks to one of the big three ex governors - Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or Sarah Pain. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rep. Eric Cantor, the new Majority whip or a Republican governor to throw their hat in the ring.

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