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So, what kind of plan is this, Secretary Kerry?

Secretary of State John Kerry should be replaced at once. The reason is because he has become swept by events. He is reacting and not staying ahead of them. He lacks creative solutions and strength to lead the parties from the tunnel vision in which they are all trapped. He has failed to recruit qualified support and to delegate. He’s the wrong man for the job.

Impeachment no longer unthinkable
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Assess his performance:

Peter Van Buran of the Nation described America’s foreign policy as being in disarray. That was last year and it has gotten worse.

“the secretary of state has been stumbling and bloviating from one crisis to the next, one debacle to another, surrounded by the well-crafted imagery of diplomatic effectiveness. He and his errant statements have become global punchlines”

The Nation

Who is to blame? Well, President Obama of course. President Obama has failed at a primary responsibility that begins with staffing the executive branch. He is awful at staffing. It is no wonder that Republicans stalled at approving his nominations. Even when they stood aside, the appointments were terrible and many left through the revolving door.

The headline today is that Kerry’s plan has Israel not destroying the tunnels from which Hamas is today firing rockets. That is absurd and undermines his credibility completely.

President Obama must be held responsible for this display of incompetence. He is delinquent in executing the responsibilities of his office. If Republicans want a reason to impeach Obama, it should be developed around foreign policy.

In the instances of Israel and the Middle East:

  1. President Obama has consistently insulted and ignored Israel’s leaders regarding regional security.
  2. His foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan has failed.
  3. His foreign policy in Pakistan is largely unknown.
  4. His foreign policy in Libya is one of escape and evasion.
  5. His foreign policy in Egypt and Turkey have those “allies” drifting away.
  6. His foreign policy in Syria left the heavy lifting to Russia.
  7. His foreign policy with Russia has lead to Russia invading the Ukraine, taking over the Crimea, and assisting in shooting down a civilian airliner.
  8. His foreign policy in Israel has left the American ally confused and disappointed at best.

Consider the complete context of the President’s job by assessing his six primary tasks.

Task 1: Planning, staffing, organizing, and scheduling Presidential work and government functions

  • Subtask 1.1: Recruit and staff the cabinet and department and agency appointments
  • Subtask 1.2: Conduct cabinet meetings to develop and implement strategies and policies for accomplishing the nation’s workload and issues
  • Subtask 1.3: Define the nation’s outcomes and priorities for each major department and agency produce the nation’s strategic plan

Task 2: Develop the President’s management agenda and budget and reconcile with Congress

  • Subtask 2.1: Assume responsibility for the legacy agenda and make adjustments to align with the President’s management agenda or equivalent
  • Subtask 2.2: Work with cabinet heads to develop performance plans and schedules
  • Subtask 2.3: Work with Congressional leadership and collaborate to implement the nation’s strategy, plans, and programs

Task 3: Initiate and approve legislation

  • Subtask 3.1: Propose bills to Congress
  • Subtask 3.2: Consult and advise Congress
  • Subtask 3.3: Collaborate with industry and business leaders in the development of policies and regulations of all kinds
  • Subtask 3.4: Approve or veto legislation
  • Subtask 3.5: Request a declaration for war from Congress

Task 4: Implement plans and manage on-going operations

  • Subtask 4.1: Review and evaluate programs that include new acquisitions and on-going operations
  • Subtask 4.2: Evaluate programs including legacy processes and engineer new ones for accomplishing and producing required and promised outcomes
  • Subtask 4.3: Continuously improve

Task 5: Report progress and discuss issues with the American public to keep them informed

Task 6: Meet with heads of state and participate in international meetings and conferences for heads of state

  • Subtask 6.1: Participate in international economic conferences
  • Subtask 6.2: Respond to international crises and requests for assistance
  • Subtask 6.3: Promote democratic process and reforms

“Kerry's plan bans Israel from destroying Gaza tunnels

Draft seven-day ceasefire plan revealed by Haaretz barely mentions Israeli security concerns

The draft proposal for a seven-day humanitarian ceasefire presented to Israel on Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry contained practically no mention of Israel's security needs or of demilitarizing the Gaza Strip of rockets, according to the dailyHaaretz, which obtained a copy of the one-page document headlined "Framework for Humanitarian Cease-fire in Gaza."

The draft, presented to the Israeli Security Cabinet as it was meeting Friday evening, also forbade Israel from demolishing terror tunnels running from Gaza into Israeli territory during the ceasefire.

The draft described the urgent need of "protecting civilian lives, ending all hostilities in and from the Gaza Strip and achieving a sustainable cease-fire and enduring resolution of the crisis."

A senior Israeli official told reporters over the weekend that Secretary of State John Kerry "was digging a tunnel under" Egypt's proposed ceasefire with Hamas - which Israel has accepted and Hamas has rejected - a comment reflecting growing criticism of his handling of efforts to achieve a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Israel is said to be angry specifically at the fact that Kerry was promoting a ceasefire proposal put forth by Qatar and Turkey, countries which openly favor Hamas. On Saturday, Palestinian sources told The Times of Israel that Kerry informed Hamas via Qatar last week that the US would guarantee the fulfillment of many of Hamas’s demands for an end to the war.”

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