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So what is pet fostering?

So what is all this pet fostering about? It is basically giving those pets who for one reason or another seem un-adoptable a second chance. A pet foster parent helps that pet become more family fit. In order to go to a forever house, the pets must be brought up to speed a bit. A pet foster parent will teach a pet something no one has ever tried to teach them. There could be a complete lack of training.

Cash is a neutered male, 4 years old, American Pitbull Terrier Mix. Good with other dogs. A little shy with people at first but once he trust you, you are golden.
Jenna Haines

In that case your pet has never learned to do some things. Among these things could be potty training. Some pets, even older ones, were kept outside all the time so do not know where they should go potty when inside. They could go whenever they wished when outside all the time. This will take some time to housebreak a pet, especially the older ones.

Pets may come to the foster home with issues such as separation anxiety. They after all have been abandoned at least once if they are in a shelter or rescue facility. They are afraid when left that no one will return for them or they will end up once again in a strange place and live in a cage. The foster pet could have been harmed at the hands of the owner. They thought that a human would care for them and give them love instead they were neglected and abused. These pets need to learn to trust people again. That is a slow process, but necessary if they are ever to fit into a family. This may just be started when foster parents get a pet. The whole process will need to be continued by the adopting parents.

Some pets have never learned good manners, again if the pet is older, this could be a time consuming process. It is, however, necessary as the foster parents are only the first step in getting them ready for a forever home. Bad manners could include jumping up on people; barking incessantly; not getting along with other animals; being overly protective of their food, space, toys or humans or being a fear biter.

Some pets that are fostered never had the basic training they should have been exposed to and others just forgot their training. When an animal is caged up for a long period of time, they can lose what training they had at one time. So what is a foster parent? They are loving, caring people who will take the time to save a life.

If a pet is un-adoptable they are in danger of being euthanized. A pet foster parent is preparing that pet for a forever home. They are also trying to provide at least a beginning training to the pet. Some things will take a longer time, but at least the foster parent has got the pet out of a cage and into a social situation where they can begin to trust again. Hopefully while in a home they will learn how to fit in again while having someone that feeds and cares for them and meets their needs. They will know love and see that humans can be okay. .

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