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So We Think We've Got It Bad?

So we think we've got it bad? Listen to this, it was so horribly pathetic, its almost humorous, its so bad.

David said, "Those who hate me without cause are more than the hairs on my head." Psalm 64:4. Buddy this guy had some catastophic gargantuan problems!!! Think about it, haters MORE THAN the hairs on his head. I don't know about you, but I have an lot of hair, innumerable. That's a lot of haters for one innocent guy.

But that's not all folks, David goes on lamenting singing his song of woe and agony on end. That's just were he starts.

"Those who cut me off and destroy me, being my enemies wrongfully, are many and mighty. I am [forced] to restore what I did not steal."

Sounds like The Hordes of Hell was at his house. Have you ever felt like that?

Truth is, its literally impossible to experience great & mighty victorious conquests without knock down drag out monumental battles contendind with great adversities and opposition.

Rejoice Saints!!! Like King David, you're in the middle of a supernatural GRANDIOSO miracle too! We're ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS caused to triumph in Christ Jesus and there's NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

All for The Suffering Servant Who Alone Conquered Sin, O Majestic One, You alone are worthy of ALL GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE! Love and be loved and blessed, my amazing family of friends!!!

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