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So much to see and do at DeVassa Bar and Cafe

DeVassa Bar & Cafe is one of Lexington's newer bars opening just over a year ago, July 2008, and happens to be Lexington's only authentic tapas bar. Not only does DeVassa exude the quaint cafe atmosphere but by night, transforms into a truly happening dance house!  Located at 401 W Main St. DeVassa has a beautiful view of Triangle Park which, not to mention, places it within walking distance to many of the other happening spots in downtown.

DeVassa by day

DeVassa is the perfect place to go with friends for mingling and a grazing of appetizers. The enticing selection of all authentic, fresh courses range from: dips such as -- homemade guacamole served with banana chips or queijo fundido which is melted cheese topped with cilorizo and scallions, served with crispy bread, to more generous plates like -- Brazilian style stuffed pastries (not dessert pastries like you may be thinking!) filled with an assortment of chicken, beef, shrimp, tomatoes, cheese, onions -- the list goes on. All of the options offered on the menu may make it difficult to chose but  with the entirety of their online tapas menu under 10 dollars the price will be the last thing on your mind.

DeVassa by night

As mentioned before, at night, DeVassa becomes a great place to share your best dance moves with  pals and/or the other late night party go-ers there. However, DeVassa shows that not only are they a place to come and get your boogie on but they also love to share the spotlight. How? You  might ask. 


Every other Tuesday they host Poetry in Motion, an event for poets, singers and a capella emcees. This event lasts from 8-11:30pm. Food and drinks are served all night but they offer a free buffet from 8:30-9pm. And the drink specials - fabulous. Half price wine by the glass (excluding house wine) and $2 off any specialty drink on the menu! There is also free cover to Poetry in Motion if you get there before 9pm. It's $3 after 9pm but only $1 if you bring along your poetry book.


Wednesdays at DeVassa is Service Industry Night, also known as SINners night. Miller Lite Girls are there to greet you with free beer and great giveaways. The bar offers $1 Miller Lite, High Life and MGD 64 all night and half off the entire bar! What a way to spend a Wednesday night. And that's not the best part. Since it's Service Industry Night any bar, restaurant or hotel who brings the largest group of employees wins a complementary bottle of alcohol the following Wednesday. Now that's worth heading out for!

As far as Fridays and Saturdays are concerned, it should be a given that DeVassa would make a great start or a great finish to your night! Let DeVassa's calendar of events keep you updated with all the latest details. 

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  • Amanda Cooper 5 years ago

    Awesome article! I didn't even know this place existed! :)

  • Tamra 5 years ago

    I'm so glad to hear that!! Hopefully I can introduce to even more places... If you get the chance to check it out let me know what you think!

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