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“So Much Hate from Those Who Are Straight”

Rainbow flag - in support for marriage equality
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

So much angst over the CEO of the Internet Search engine Mozilla for supporting Anti-Gay Marriage Equality groups. This hasn’t been a first when someone of great tech and corporate power has engaged in some activity that doesn’t support the LGBT community. Honestly, there are a lot of persons who are enraged that someone such as Brendan Eich would oppose marriage equality.

In the past, many large companies such as Dell computers and Southwest Airlines were in the news for opposing the same issue. The LGBT community of people are the ones who are spending more money for airline flights, computers for work and home, and now an Internet search engine is facing scrutiny. Sure, everyone has their own right to their own opinion, but when it has been exposed that those in higher positions in a corporate company have donated financial support to those who have the audacity to oppose marriage between gay men and women, it goes to show that those persons are lacking that this WILL hurt their company!

Why is there so much “hate” from those who are straight? Well, the truth is, many persons live a life where their religious beliefs, mostly Christians, exclaim that engaging in homosexual activity is a sin. But why is it that those same persons of various religions engage in underage sex with boys and girls, physical and verbal abuse onto women, engage in various and numerous criminal activity, “live in sin” for many years with their opposite gendered partner while having numerous children and collecting welfare, and for those who do marry, they engage in the most adultery activity and are the main cause and reason that divorce rates are extremely high! So why hate on LGBT people when they are not the reason behind all the crimes affecting families psychologically? There is NO reason to hate when more of them have lived a more exemplary life than straight people!

Most homosexual men and women couples just want to have the legal right to marry their partner of either many years or for a short amount of time because they love the person. What is wrong with that? There shouldn’t be! Persons who identify themselves as LGBT, are just as “normal” as anyone else who’s straight, they are educated and work hard for the job(s) that they have, most nowadays working in healthcare and technology along with politics. When leaders of major tech companies’ show support against issues such as marriage equality, this will affect their business if it hasn’t done so yet. LGBT people have a big part in tech, healthcare, and politics nowadays, more than ever. It goes to show that a person’s sexual orientation should not and will not be affecting their professionalism but will make them effective at getting the needed work done.

In places such as America where freedom of speech is legal, what a person does and say can also affect their financials if and when they do and/or say the wrong things! So don’t hate if you identify as straight.

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