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So much fun at Soco Falls! (Photos)

A dark cove, wettened by lush waters can be found under Soco Falls. Adventurers thrive in this region which is located entirely on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Western North Carolina.

A look at the Soco Falls in Appalachia.
B. Wright, 2010
A much fun time for those at Soco Falls.
B. Wright, 2010

(This link gives more information about attractions near and around the Cherokee Indian Reservation, please click here,

Two creeks flow over the ledges at Soco Falls. Soco Falls is easily accessed near the side of road on US 19, except for a few steep steps which may be difficult for the elderly and the very young.

Soco Falls is just one adventure for couples and friends who want to see a magnificent waterfall. The public is welcomed at this location. A viewing deck is present, and there are two falls that make up Soco Falls. Only one is pictured in this article.

(Pictured in this article is the taller of the two. A great site to access is, it details further directions and information about Soco Falls).

Soco Falls is extraordinary because one has no idea they are stepping into a beautiful scene in nature.

Located next to a heavy traveled roadway, just one step onto the short trail leading to Soco Falls, then and only then is there a realization of this awesome wonder to come. The waters steady flow over the cliffs is easily heard, plus once on the trail, the forest scene is amazingly pleasing.

Nearby the falls are rhododendron, the blooms of the rhododendron are great to see during the June months in this Southern Appalahian region.

So much fun at Soco Falls, it is worth exploring!


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