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So much chaos, where does one start?

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, blasts the Obama administration for its failure to enforce illegal immigration laws.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So much chaos has ensued upon the United States of America that one begins to get the nagging, nauseating impression that all of it is deliberate. The timing alone, with all of it coming together in one mammoth perfect storm, is proof enough that the various scandals in the Obama administration had at least some coordination. The one thing they did not calculate was the fallout and the depth of the controversy. In spite of the refusal of the mainstream media to report any of it, Americans are livid, enraged, and ready to do some housecleaning.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told a House panel today that he would not apologize for losing emails associated with the Congressional investigation into corruption regarding the targeting of conservative, Tea Party, and religious groups for harassment, false charges, and disenfranchisement just prior to the last presidential election. In fact, Koskinen claimed that his agency has preserved all of the emails that others within the IRS claim are "lost forever."

It is time, then, for Koskinen to produce the emails immediately, or go to jail. All documents related to this scandal should be in the hands of Congress as of now, and not in the hands of criminal IRS officials who have shown they will attempt to jail conservatives on trumped up charges for political purposes and deliberately withhold pertinent evidence, as well as destroy it.

And by the way, although nobody but Fox reported it, the administration dumped some documents last Friday night showing that Lois Lerner's immediate supervisor at the IRS visited the White House over 30 times while the agency was targeting conservative groups. Is this perhaps the smoking gun that shows direct White House involvement in felony election tampering and vote suppression? Further, Breitbart had already reported that former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House 157 times during the same period.

In short, the IRS scandal is not going away. It is too important to the survival of a Constitutional republic based on the idea of liberty. Heads need to roll on this one, and the sooner the better.

Meanwhile, the chaos at the southern border continues unabated. Texas Gov. Rick Perry blasted the Obama administration for the failure to enforce federal law on illegal aliens. Texas in particular has been so overrun with illegals from Central America that there is no room left for its own residents in homeless shelters, rescue missions, and the like.

And in a statement that had millions of conservatives cheering and collectivists seeing red, one outspoken citizen stated that all illegal aliens that are now bombarding the border should be shipped straight to Washington, D.C. After all, the Obama administration is singularly to blame for this chaos, and the proof is the money the government sent to Central America to pay for their transport here. The states should not have to pay for the federal government's lawlessness. Neither should the citizens.

Instead of housing the 100,000 or more illegal aliens that have bombarded the border states, busloads of these illegals should be sent directly to the White House and dumped just outside the fence. Others should be taken directly to the U.S. Capitol, particularly the offices of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, and other tyrants who helped create this problem. And then the rest should be taken to the headquarters of Homeland Security and dumped, given that this agency is one that refuses to do its job. The U.S. Supreme Court should be forced to take care of its share of illegal aliens as well, since they hamstrung the states in enforcing immigration laws, claiming that "only the federal government has the authority to do so,"

Is it chaos they want? Then let's have the patriots kick it up another notch or two. Ship them all to Washington, D.C. and let the ruling elites take care of the illegal aliens, many of whom are sick with TB, STDs, chicken pox and shingles, and other diseases. Let Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi take in dozens of them into their homes in D.C. It is time politicians in Washington pay for the pain they have caused the average citizens.

Note that as bad as these scandals are, we still have not yet dealt with the VA scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Bergdhal scandal, the Obamacare scandal, several DOJ scandals that culminated in Eric Holder's being charged with contempt of Congress, and, of course, the Fast and Furious scandal that got placed on the back burner with absolutely no resolution.

Why should any or all of this concern you, the average citizen? Have you noticed the price of gasoline lately? How about your grocery bill? Food and fuel are skyrocketing, and even the government's experts say it will get much worse. This, you see, is the consequence of electing to office individuals who make threats such as, "Under my plan, the costs of energy will necessarily skyrocket." Who said this? Barack Hussein Obama. We told you he said it back in 2007, but most of you would not listen.

Before this year is out, we are going to be hit with a tsunami in every aspect of our lives. This reporter has been predicting this since 2007. Obama will destroy our economy, our healthcare system, our energy production and delivery system, our military, our gun rights, and ultimately our freedom. We are now seeing all of the signs that my predictions were right.

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