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So many strays in Houston that animal control cannot keep up

Stray animals are a huge problem in Houston
Stray animals are a huge problem in Houston
Screen shot via KHOU News

According to Monday's KHOU News, there are so many stray animals roaming the streets in Houston, Texas, that animal control officers do not even try to respond to the majority of calls from residents who are reporting an animal at large.

In fact, Chris Newport, chief of Staff of Houston’s Administration and Regulatory Affairs Division, which oversees the city's animal control, described the situation with strays in the city as "a crisis."

So many homeless animals are roaming the area that a staggering 74 percent of the stray animal calls go unanswered.

KHOU spent an afternoon with the non-profit rescue organization, Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward Project, to see how bad the situation on the streets is...they found countless dogs roaming the streets, looking for food, and dodging vehicles.

An estimated 1.2 million stray animals are believed to be in the Houston area and because of a lack of city resources to handle the staggering number, most of those animals will continue to try and survive life on their own.

Residents want to see something more done - they cite concerns over attacks from roaming packs of homeless dogs on pets and people - but the city officials claim that their hands are tied due to a lack of funds.

The bottom line - there are too many homeless animals roaming the streets of Houston, and not enough homes, or resources, to fix the problem.

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