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So Long Brazil

So Long Brazil
So Long Brazil
Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The World Cup has come to a close. Germany won the cup with a one goal win over Argentina. The games are over and Brazil will wake up and wonder if it had been worth the costs. Projects that would help its citizens have been put on hold so the building or renovations on existing stadiums could be finished in time for the show. Unfortunately most were not ready.

People came away with stories of luxury on one block and devastating squalor on the next one. Shacks and thrown together lean to structures were seen in most cities. Brazil is a country of many faces. Some that are the most beautiful on this planet and others that you can only turn your head away in shame.

The government made many promises to its citizens and some were not kept Many of its citizens will never see a dime from the Cup others made millions from corrupt or illegal means. Many have question why Brazil was even given the World Cup due to its high poverty rate. The government would tell its citizens to stay home from work so those who were going to a match could use the public transit system without any problems. The transit system is one of the worst on the planet.

Prior to and during the Cup there were violent protests but most were never covered by the media and if they were it was at the end of the daily news. Brazil has many problems but it has a couple of years to fix them before the Olympics come to town.

The soccer was great. The games were usually free from the theatrics that one can see usually when fouls occur. I must say the soccer was some of the best I've seen over the last 40 years. I look forward to the next World Cup as I have every time following the final. For the citizens of Brazil I enjoyed seeing your country and I hope and pray that you at least break even monetarily. I wish your government would finish all the projects it has said it would to make your lives better. From the world I say thank you and wish you the best.