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So hunting is a privilege granted by government?

Shall not be infringed?
Shall not be infringed?
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A story was making its rounds a few weeks ago regarding an unfortunate situation involving former gubernatorial candidate and current host of LibertyToday.TV, Gordon Howie and his son getting into a bit of trouble. If you are familiar with the constitution, however, one must question why he and his son were/are in trouble.

As an American, the fact that there is not a groundswell of outrage in defense of Mr. Howie sadly shows us just how far our elected servants in government and our people have fallen away from even comprehending what it is to be a free people with natural rights protected by government and held accountable by We The People.

In this case, there were a number of things disturbing. Whether you agree with Gordon's "politics" or not should be completely irrelevant to this discussion. Gordon had a hunting license (unconstitutional enactment with requirements and a fee paid to government in order to be granted the "privilege" by government to practice a "natural right" to feed one's family for which the constitution was supposed to forbid government from enacting.) He also had tag for cats (icing on the cake of additional fee to government.) He had a bobcat trap which unfortunately snarled a mountain lion, instead.

Probably none of us know all the circumstances as to what really happened that day or how much fear he and his son may have felt when staring face-to-face with a wild mountain lion. It would not be a far-stretch to imagine a man in a split-second decision of fear to naturally decide to protect his family by shooting it. Without even knowing how secure the lion was in the trap or the exact circumstances of the risk of danger to his family, it seems easy for some to say that he should have picked up a phone and called authorities instead of picking up a weapon. Has the EXACT same set of circumstances happened to you lately?

As the story goes, Gordon Howie plead guilty, received a suspended sentence, ordered to pay a fine and lost his NATURAL RIGHT to hunt (nowadays, an unlawful "privilege" granted or taken away by government) for an entire year. Good thing there probably is a grocery store nearby. His son seems to be in more trouble because his natural right to bear arms had previously been taken away from him by government and apparently was charged with possessing a firearm. UPDATE: He never had a weapon and this charge was later dropped.

Instead of raking this man and his family through the coals of public scorn, what is much more disgraceful is the lack of thousands of voices questioning why we even have "laws", ordinances or regulations on the books that are a complete slap in the face to our natural rights and what the constitution was supposed to restrict government from ever infringing upon to begin with.

As a Constitutionalist, I could frankly go on and on and on about what is wrong with this entire situation. Instead, I will ask a very serious question........What in the world is wrong with U.S.???

The shame should not be on Gordon Howie and his family, it should be on ALL of us for allowing a once great nation, a pillar of freedom throughout the world to be trampled on by every elected official and citizen that has not stood up DEMANDING that our natural rights protected by our constitution FROM government be upheld and defended by the masses.

For those that still can't seem to comprehend what "shall not be infringed" means, I would suggest trying Webster or just plain "Google" it!!!

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