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So good you gotta have more

Gotta have more
Gotta have more
Renise Black

Have you ever eaten something so good that you wished you could go back in time and taste it again? All the flavors and textures really worked together to make your mouth and senses sing. "La la la!" You really took your time to savor and enjoy every bite. Not only that but you felt compelled to tell a total stranger about it and go back for seconds and even thirds. You lean over and tell them in an ohh so excited voice, "Oh my gosh! This is so delicious! I can't believe how good this tastes. It is like biting into a piece heaven!" Those are high marks indeed.

There is something about food that tastes really good that just makes you feel, well fabulous. It engages all your senses to fully enjoy what you are eating. Experiences like these do not happen everyday but boy when they do ... wham! You sit up and take notice. You start paying attention to how it looks, the different flavors on your tonge, the texture when you take a bite. It simply becomes edible art.

Food that tastes good enough to have you wishing for a time machine to go back and do it again days later is just absolutely marvelous darling. Whether a dessert or main dish doesn't matter. It is because it had everthing going right from start to finish. A dish like this is destined for greatness in the minds of the guests. They will not forget about it for a long time.

Have you forgotten yours?