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So Delicious releases new gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free ice creams

Gluten Free Cookie Dough is one of the great new flavors
So Delicious

Are you looking for a dairy-free ice cream that's tasty and all natural?

Are you gluten free and miss ice cream flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream?

Do you need to eat sugar-free but don't want to consume chemical sweeteners?

Just want to try a new organic, healthy, tasty treat?

So Delicious has a lot of great new options to help make that possible.

The dairy-free company has released a slew of new coconut-based ice creams and frozen desserts, including:

  • Gluten-free Cookie Dough
  • Gluten-free Cookies and Cream
  • No Sugar Added Butter Pecan
  • No Sugar Added Mint Chip
  • No Sugar Added Fudge Bar Minis

The regular coconut frozen dessert line also includes wonderful flavors like Chocolate PB Swirl, Coconut, Cherry Amaretto, Mint Chip, Mocha Almond Fudge, Turtle Trails, Green Tea and Pomegranate Chip, plus many others.

These products are vegan, allergy-friendly and great tasting, plus they're made with natural and organic ingredients.

Our family had the opportunity to try some of the new flavors recently and we're big fans.

The No Sugar Added line was my personal favorite, even though I generally loathe anything that's sugar-free. We tried the Mint Chip, Butter Pecan and Vanilla Bean flavors and it was hard to tell they had no sugar added. All three were absolutely delicious. They are sweetened with monk fruit extract, which is blissfully free of the typical aftertaste of most other sweeteners. I actually liked the no-sugar desserts best!

Note that the sugar-free varieties are not a low calorie food, since they are made with ingredients like coconut milk. A half-cup serving still contained 120 calories, but only 1 gram of sugar. These are great for people who need (or want) to avoid sugar or who are on low-carb diets.

We also loved the sugar-free fudge bar minis, which were creamy and delicious. My younger kids (both of whom are allergic to dairy) were delighted to get to have ice cream bars, and I was happy that the ingredients were all natural.

We enjoyed the Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream frozen desserts, too, although the texture was a little off for myself and my teens. The add-ins were great, but the ice cream itself was a little "gummy." We preferred the Cookie Dough one over the Cookies and Cream, though my seven year-old son (who is allergic to both gluten and dairy) was happy with any of it!

So Delicious has also released a new Gluten Free Cookies and Cream almond milk frozen dessert, although we weren't lucky enough to sample that one.

Concerned about GMOs? No worries there. So Delicious says:

We’re very proud of the fact that all our delicious dairy-free products are non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project. For more information about this verification, please visit Additionally, So Delicious® Dairy Free believes that consumers have the right to know what’s in our food and supports clear labeling initiatives.

Concerned about carrageenan? I've heard from some readers that they avoid products containing this natural seaweed-based ingredient. Most of these products do not contain carrageenan, with the exception of the No Sugar Added varieties. However, So Delicious says that they are working to remove it from all of their products. Here is a list of products that they have already made carrageenan-free. They have pledged to reformulate all of their products to be carrageenan-free eventually. See their FAQ section here for more information about the issue.

These new frozen desserts are delicious options for folks who are gluten free, dairy free, diabetic, vegan or just like to eat all natural foods that taste delicious.

You can see what else is in the So Delicious line at their website and also find recipes, learn out about the good they do, read the blog and even get coupons.

Note: I received products for the purpose of this review but no compensation. This post contains no affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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