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So Cozy BOO! Shampoo and Conditioner for lice

So Cozy BOO! Shampoo and Conditioner
Cozy Cuts For Kids

Lice isn't cute or stylish. Especially when your child has it. There's been a breakout of a new strain of "super lice" that's more resistant to over the counter lice treatments. That's why Cozy Friedman, a mom of two and founder of Cozy's Cuts for Kids salons in New York City, recommends Cozy’s So Cozy BOO! Shampoo and Conditioner.

“Lice happens. It can happen to anyone! But it doesn't have to happen to your kids. First off, you have to educate your children about lice and how it’s contracted. Then you have to teach you kids how to avoid it,” says Cozy. “For example, tell them never to share hats, brushes or combs with their friends and to use their own pillowcases.”

Cozy’s So Cozy BOO! Shampoo and Conditioner doesn't contain harsh chemicals like parabens or sulfates. The hair product duo uses natural oils like tea tree, rosemary and lavender to effectively repel lice. Safe enough to use everyday for lice prevention and healthy hair and scalp.

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