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So cold iguanas fall from trees

Continued cold forecast means more falling iguanas
Continued cold forecast means more falling iguanas
Courtesy of the NWS WFO Miami

It's probably been all over the tv newscasts because they have file footage, but I haven't watched any newscasts in days.  It does happen here in South Florida almost on an annual basis.  Iguanas do fall from the trees.  I was just reminded of this with a Facebook comment and it is good to note again during this extended streak of cold weather we are experiencing. So there could be more falling than usual. 

When the temperatures dip into the 40s, an iguanas system shuts down, and any of them holding up in the trees may fall.  Many of them will be revived as the temperatures rise during the day and they bask in the sunshine, but some could perish as the extended hours of cold we are experiencing may be a little longer than the shut down can handle.  Iguanas are not native species to South Florida but rather began to inhabit our landscape like so many other creatures as released pets.  The temperatures do get colder here then they are normally used to in their native lands and their bodies react with this screen-saver feature.

So until it warms up, watch out for the unreal occurrence.  Tell your neighbor and show your from out of town guests.  This doesn't happen in too many locales.  It may be a good time to trap nuisance iguanas when they are immobilized, but beware that they may not be dead, just hibernating for a bit.