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Snuggle Up

Sweater featured found at Anthropologie in the Chenal Promenade
Sweater featured found at Anthropologie in the Chenal Promenade

When walking out the door, every girl, regardless of who they are, will look, switch, change an accessory, and try for the best look they can get before they head for the subway, car, or bus to get where they are going. With the chill in the air and everyone snuggling in their favorite sweaters and comfy, warm things, it is more than appropriate to find those things that make you feel your best when you make that final look before you hit the pavement.

Layering can be done in a million different ways, but the key to it is to have pieces that easily allow you to do so. So try to find pieces that make it where you aren't switching in and out of things to get the look you're looking for, that hard. 

When I saw this sweater, I thought it was a jacket before a closer look. It is perfect for the season with it's military look and is a definite keeper for any gal! Cardigans are an easy way to make a layered look, look timeless, easy, and comfortable. To keep warm, make sure that if you're in a super cold climate to throw on a long john shirt or something of that nature on under the shirt you'll be wearing under your long sleeved sweater. another option is to wear a tank under a long john shirt, throw a button down shirt over it, a long necklace and then a sweater and if needed a jacket.

Any shoe you pair with this will work as long as it goes with the season. If traveling, Uggs or flat boots of any sort are the best for going in and out of airports and through security, as you will have to take off your shoes and you won't have to worry about your actual feet getting dirty.

If you have a dressier occasion but need to stay warm, do the same as above, but mix nicer jewelry or stones to make the look more appropriate for what you are attending. This look can also be worn with a skirt and warm tights, so you are sure to stay warm! So regardless of the time of day, go pick out a sweater you love and snuggle up!

Sweater featured found at Anthropologie in the Chenal Promenade.