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Snuffles: Dog, appearing to have two noses, needs home

Snuffles needs a home

Snuffles is a 4-month-old Belgian shepherd dog that appears to have two noses, and the birth defect has the puppy him from being adopted from the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, according to People on Saturday.

The manager of Dogs Trust Rehoming Center, Sandra Lawton, spoke with the Daily Mail and said it is such a shame to think that this sweet-natured lad may not find the loving home he deserves. She said that the dog adoption business takes in hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes, but she has never seen anything quite like Snuffles.

The unique-looking dog was acquired by the shelter about a month ago. It is reported that Snuffles has four nostrils and can more each side of his snout independently. Regardless of the way Snuffles looks, he only has one nose, according to an examining veterinarian. When it comes to the nose area, there is a split there rather than his nostrils having been fused together.

Snuffles is described as a typical, fun, bouncy puppy, and is very keen to learn.

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