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Snowy day fun cooking in the kitchen with Grandma

With so many kids staying home from school due to frigid temperatures, finding activities to keep them occupied can be challenging, especially while under Grandma's watch. Snowy days are a perfect time to stir up some fun in the kitchen with your grandchildren.

More and more grandparents find themselves in the role of more than the occasional babysitter for busy parents. This can be a good thing. Grandparents can be a valuable resource and integral part of a child's life and learning. Grandparents who help with childcare know only too well that gone are the days when “I have nothing to do” can be easily handled with “get out your crayons and color”. Downloaded with tons of software, iPads, TV, and electronic games, today’s children are far more demanding and getting them excited about creative play can be more challenging.

Cooking with Grandma is so much more than just playtime. Guy Fieri, celebrity chef, says, "Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking…it's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity." said Fieri.

Encouraging kids to cook also has far-reaching benefits. Engaging kids in fun cooking and baking experiences can instill nutritious eating habits and provide valuable learning opportunities including skills in math and reading. And of course, there’s the experience of pride and the added benefit of eating the final masterpiece.

So make the most of cold, snowy weather.

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