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Snowpocalypse Now!

bike in chicago
bike in chicago
Sam Wurth

As the Wrigleyville Nightlife Examiner, I write about bars, bands, and food. Not the weather. However, when the biggest snowstorm to hit Chicago since the 1970’s shuts down the city with over 2ft. of snowfall, I dressed in a ridiculous amount of clothing and braved the cold.

The main streets were plowed but the sidewalks were still covered with snow and ice, forcing people to walk in the streets. Six foot deep snowdrifts transformed parked cars into white lumps. Drivers were busy digging out their vehicles, but worried about the snowplows covering them again.

Lake Shore Drive remained closed and the pedestrian underpasses had waist deep water, so the easiest way to Lake Michigan was directly across the normally busy LSD. That’s exactly what residents did, by climbing over the guard rails and taking pictures in the middle of a road known for gridlock.

Although sections of the neighborhoods were still without power, the Lakeview/Wrigleyville community seemed to take the unexpected day off of work in stride. There were lots of snowball fights and shoveling, but very little complaints about the weather.

The slideshow features a truck towing a CTA bus out of a snowy side street via the trusty yellow strap, an intrepid youngster using his front stoop as a face-first snow ramp, Lake Shore Drive looking like a scene from The Road, and lots of snow-buried cars. Enjoy.


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