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Snowplow TV reporter: Watch this reporter get leveled by a massive wave of snow

A “snowplowed” TV reporter is making its rounds on the internet this week. During a live early morning shot today, WTXF Fox 29’s veteran reporter Steve Keeley, and his cameraman, learned not to stand so close to the side of the road when the plow crews are a’coming.

According to Fox News on Monday, the TV reporter was on remote location and covering a storm that hit Woodstown, New Jersey. A plow came by and showed no mercy on the poor sap, absolutely dumping a wave of vaulting snow snow on the reporter.

Keeley is devoured under the snow, but made it out unharmed. The video of him being turned into a snowman has now gone viral.

A consummate professional, Keeley kept his cool and kept broadcasting. But his colleagues back in the studio can be heard yelling out, since the video of him getting “plowed” over does indeed look daunting. WTXF later reported that the plow driver called the studio and gave an apology.

Keeley’s take on the incident: “You know I've spent my whole time here, ever since the invention of YouTube, I have done everything I could to avoid being a YouTube star, and I think that hit will be on YouTube.”

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