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"Snowpiercer" chugs along with compelling story and good acting

Snowpiercer Movie Poster

"Snowpiercer" is a film directed by Bong Joon-ho that takes place entirely on a train about 17 years in the future rattling non-stop through an ice cold planet earth with all remaining life on earth travelling aboard. While some may think this is similar to almost any bad Sci-fi movie you’d watch on cable at 3am, you’d be wrong.

In this movie the elites ride up front and seem to have every luxury one could possibly imagine in a super train of the future. The folks in the back are the lower tier of society; they are exploited, abused, and given the barest scraps to help them get by.

This is an atmosphere ripe for a revolution and many have taken place before as the people in the back try to make it to the front and takeover the train but invariably fail. The movie opens just shy of 18 years on the train and another revolution is ready to begin.

The acting in this movie was excellent with strong performances including John Hurt as their inspirational leader and Chris Evans as Curtis, the one who will actually lead the passengers from the back into battle.

However, the show stealing performance belongs to Tilda Swinton as Mason. She excels in her role as the face of the train’s leadership, a character so unlikeable and shrill you find yourself immediately rooting for her to be taken down.

While you may ask yourself some questions like how a train could run constantly without maintenance in a world that has become too cold for life to exist? Or wouldn’t some sort of underground bunker type structure have been more practical than a constantly travelling train? In the end you get so wrapped up in the story of rebellion that you suspend your disbelief.

This is a movie I recommend watching. If you end up travelling out to see it, take the train because you never know when the Earth could freeze over and you may need a new home.

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