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Snowmen paint sticks

Turn a paint stick into a cheery snowman
Turn a paint stick into a cheery snowman
Gretchen Goetz

Those of us who live in the Southern states don’t see much snow, even in the dead of winter. I know plenty of people who are quite happy with this state of affairs; in their minds, it’s one of the benefits of living in a moderate climate. There are a few – and I’m one - who relish the rare occasions when we actually get a decent snowfall.

This winter we've had a paltry sprinkling of snow, but I'm still hoping we'll get some that will stay on the ground for at least a day. In the meantime, making these cheerful little snowmen may appease the longing for snow, at least a little. And unlike Frosty, they can easily withstand a warm spell.

You’ll need one paint-stirring stick (also called a paint paddle) for each snowman. You can get them in the paint department of a hardware store. Usually given away free with the purchase of paint, the store will likely let you have a handful for no charge.

Paint the front and back of each paint paddle with two coats of white acrylic paint. To cloth your snowman, cut a strip of felt about an inch wide and wrap around the indentation in the paddle (the snowman’s “neck”) to make a scarf. For his head, cut a cap shape out of felt. Decorate hats and scarves with thin strips of felt or ribbon in contrasting colors. Adhere to the paint paddle with white glue. Glue three buttons or pom-poms in a row below each scarf.

Your snowmen can be placed in potted plants for a cheerful winter touch.

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