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Snowed in Valentine


freedigitalphotos.netWhether SNOWmageddon has you severely missing your Valentine or wanting to kill them because you’ve been stuck together, the current weather situation is the cause for a Valentine’s Day pause. Unless you were lucky enough to escape to the LOST island before last week you are aware of the feet of snow covering your home, and most people’s apartment buildings. And it’s not going away anytime soon. Sorry, but I just heard a rumor this morning that we haven’t seen the last and Valentine’s Day will most likely be spent indoors.
So what is a Valentine to do? We rise above! We don’t stop love just because of a little flake. Here are a few ways to heat up your week whether alone or snowed in with your bun-bun.

If Attached
• Games. As obvious as this suggestion seems games are a great way of getting outside of your head (outside of the snow) and go to an intellectual part. Play a board game, trivia game, battle in a video game, or anything that will put you against your Valentine. The competition will keep the two of you engaged. It will also help to work off any steam you have been accumulating from cabin fever. Remember to take your frustrations out on the game, not your Valentine and if things begin to get too heated, take a few minutes to literally kiss and make up to cool things down.
• Act up. If you and your Valentine are the theatrical type then put on a show. Act out your favorite sensual movie scene or write one of your own together. Bust out the video camera and turn your home into a studio. You’ve always wanted to include the camera in the bedroom, why not now? No way will you be interrupted so you have nothing to worry about. BONUS, you have a new movie to watch Saturday when you’re snowed in all over again.
• Venture out. If you are going to be brave and tackle the flakes then having a partner is the only way to do it. Together the two of you can layer up, lots and lots of layers, and make the most of the outdoors for labor and entertainment. Cleaning the cars, rides to work and the grocery/liquor store maybe a pain but doing it together only increases results. Sledding, snowball fights, and igloo construction is a great way to move the snow and have some juvenile fun.

If Separated
If you are separated from your Valentine then your main focus is probably technology. Technology will keep you and your baby close, blankets will keep you warm.• Pass Notes. Only communicate through small emails or IMs throughout the day. Structure them like a note you would pass to a friend in class, tell them about your day, what you’ve been thinking about (them, more than likely), what you can’t wait to do to them when the snow clears. Wait until your love responds and then you reply. Make is worth it by keeping messages to no more than 3 an hour.
• “Kiss Me Through the Phone”. Charge up that video phone and send your Valentine a kiss, a wink, or a lick. Anything. Scrub off your dry skin, take off those pajamas and through on a sexy outfit and a little makeup. Have a photo shoot, in the bathroom, and keep your baby’s interest with some cute photos they can dream with.
• Cable Movie Date. Find a movie on cable and watch it together but in separate locations. Turn off the lights and put your honey on speaker phone on the couch next to you. Even though you won’t be talking much knowing that they are listening and watching what you are will make it feel like another person is in the room. As corny as this idea may seem you are stuck inside alone after all.


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