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Snowed by 'Snow at First Sight'



  • Sparky 6 years ago

    Great write up. Thanks for looking critically at this situation. All the other media reported it as a humorous puff piece.

  • Billy Texas 6 years ago

    Hah even South Texas got snow this year so what. Way to knit pick douche.How do you know all three of them are rich anyway? sounds like the first one is the only one with cash. And most likely colorado didn't even pay for this, it was probably comped by each of these places so they could get free ads. you must get paid a lot to talk crap, maybe we should call you O'reilly. report on something important.

  • GeorgiaPeach 6 years ago

    Sky valley, Ga. is closed retard. It was only open for a year then they closed the ski operations because it switched owners. They were talking about doing tubing but as we all know tubing sucks. The guy who wrote this obviously didn't dig very deep.

  • DillydoE 6 years ago

    Yeah right Colorado didn't pay for squat it was all comped lol. Of course all the places they went to payed for everything and it was probably cheaper than the regular advertising they did. At least it was cheaper for the tourism office than building slopes in the middle of NYC like they did a couple years back. No they are saving money !

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