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Snowden speaks before Planet Earth group on Internet security

Former government contractor Edward J. Snowden’s gave a televised announcement to the Hackers on Planet Earth or HOPE conference in New York City on Saturday. Snowden from Moscow told the group that he will work to develop anti-surveillance technology. This link which was made available by this morning and reported on The Washington Times.

Former NSA Employees Testify In Bundestag Investigation Hearings
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Russia is now Snowden’s home as he has nowhere else to neither run nor hide. During the televised link, he spoke to the group of Internet hackers about the need to develop secure Internet usage by encoding into their own programs the necessary encrypted codes. Snowden gave his message to the group as a call to arms against governments globally.

Snowden gave an interview which was released yesterday in The Guardian about the poor and fewer restrictions that Britain had upon its spy network. He spoke of misuse by government personnel of pictures that were used for leering and peeping without relevance to national security.

He made the same claims against the NSA and stated in the interview that the NSA had young personnel between the ages of 18 to 22 who behaved inappropriately with intimate nude photo. Snowden claims that the ability to view such a photo was considered a “fringe benefit” of the job.

Snowden explained in the televised link to the conference that since British intelligence has fewer restrictions, the British intelligence platforms “are used as a testing ground.” Its partners are referred to as the “Five Eyes” is comprised of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Snowden defended himself in an interview released yesterday with The Guardian as someone who was at a higher level as the US had delivered a message publicly that his position was low level. He proclaimed himself as the “someone” who directed the targeting practices in his job at the NSA. He also told the newspaper that he did not go public in the US because of previous NSA employees who commented against the lawlessness of the government programs and the mistreatment they received from the government.

The HOPE hacking conference provided discussion groups for detailed approaches for stopping government surveillance. SecureDrop was a hot topic with the group which is designed to allow people to anonymously leak documents to journalists.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation attorneys who have been working feverishly on the government gathering of facial recognition had representatives at the conference. The attorneys answered questions about the litigation with the NSA to stop collection of phone records.

Snowden in a defense of his actions told the group that we must know “the broad outlines of a policy, and we can’t have the government shut us out from every action that they’re doing.” This is a different wording than previously employed by Snowden in his release of the massive number of stolen NSA documents to journalists in May of 2013 while he was in Hong Kong. He refers to “broad outlines" but he released specific NSA documents in high level detail which is in the hands of journalist Glen Greenwald.

Greenwald releases a document with other commentary or reports from former US military personnel and others. He will link an NSA document each week on his Intercept section of First Look media the online reporting journal founded by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay.

The HOPE group is a community of hackers which includes computer experts, anti-surveillance activists, and artists.

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