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Snowden exposed need for US campaign finance reform

Until Republican and Democratic politicians pass campaign finance reform with some teeth in it, nothing will change.
Until Republican and Democratic politicians pass campaign finance reform with some teeth in it, nothing will change.
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Edward Snowden indirectly exposed a serious need for campaign finance reform, by revealing that American politicians have outsourced most US defense operations to private, for-profit corporations. This fact presents numerous problems that should be discussed.

First, outsourcing always costs more. That's why this once popular trend is no longer widespread.

Therefore, why does the US government continue outsourcing US national intelligence operations? Spending taxpayer’s money recklessly is only one part of this drawback. What about the obvious fact that private corporations are only loyal to maximizing profits? Under such circumstances, is outsourcing the US national security a good idea?

Moreover, it seems that the US citizens should enjoy the monetary benefits that shareholders commonly gain when they invest in a company. The US taxpayers invest in these private corporations by funding most of their operations, but what are taxpayers getting in return for their investment?

Reckless Spending Booming

Booze Hamilton is a private company owned by the Carlyle Group. This company contracts with the US government and employed Edward Snowden.

Booze Hamilton receives about 99% of its compensation from the US government, meaning that US taxpayers are footing 99% of Booze Hamilton's operational expenses. Click here for details.

Booze Hamilton hired Edward Snowden, and paid him $122,000 annually. Keep in mind that Mr. Snowden is a high school dropout, and without a college degree. This fact alone brings up one of many questions; why does a company pay such a high salary to any person, without even basic credentials?

Of course Booze Hamilton did not bill the US government $122,000 to pay Mr. Snowden his salary. Any consulting company will bill far above their original cost in order to produce a profit.
Why do US politicians allow this costly practice to continue, at the expense of the US taxpayer?

Lobbyists Special Interest Groups

The corporate war profiteers and other corporations hired under the pretense of protecting the United States of America, generously donate to politicians’ campaign fund. These donations buy political influence, allowing the corporations to continue at taxpayer’s expense. Click here for details regarding political campaign donations by the Carlyle Group.

As stated previously, private for-profit corporations are only loyal to maximizing profits. Of course these corporations want their never-ending gravy train to continue, while the American citizens foot the entire bill. All this screams the need for campaign finance reform.

Campaign Finance Reform And The Fight For Power

US politicians require a large amount of money to run an effective campaign. Therefore politicians accept campaign contributions from lobbyists, who were hired by big corporations to represent special corporate interests.

The American people, the majority of the US population, do not have lobbyist representation. This means the people’s voices are not heard except at election time.

Question If all politicians must raise an exorbitant amount of money for their campaign, does it really matter who gets into office?

The answer is both yes and no.

It’s no secret that Republicans support Citizens United, which gives corporations permission to spend unlimited amounts of money regarding political campaigns. Therefore, campaign finance reform with any meaning, is simply not a part of the Republican thought process.

Democratic politicians talk the talk of enacting campaign finance reform, but they don’t or cannot walk the walk.

Root Cause

If any politician decided to push forward serious campaign finance reform, more than likely, most corporations will shut off their campaign donations to any politician that supports such a bill.

Less campaign money will lessen any politician’s ability to run an effective campaign. Therein lies the root of the problem and the corporations are not going to simply give up their power.

Another problem is the filibuster. If a politician tries to move a bill outlining meaningful campaign finance reform, that bill will probably not go anywhere as opposing politicians will use the filibuster to stop that bill from seeing the light of day. Click here for details.

What About Ethical Patriotism?

The United States desperately needs legislation that allows for public financing of political campaigns. In addition, the USA must prohibit lobbyists and special interests from making monetary donations to politicians, along with other forms of bribery.

Passing meaningful campaign finance reform has nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative. It has everything to do with protecting the security and integrity of the United States of America as a whole.

Question What can average Americans do to persuade politicians to enact meaningful campaign finance reform?


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