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Snowboarding and snowboard park etiquette

Winter Warriors
Winter Warriors
Douglas Weatherman

Well Colorado another winter is underway and the snow is falling. Colorado resorts are opening more terrain daily. So get your gear and your crew together and get out there and represent our great state on the mountain.  

There are alot of freestyle comps coming up that are open for riders and skiers of all age and skill level. Echo Mountain in Evergreen is a very progressive resort with many different terrain park features and they are having a team comp on February 20. There are three diferent levels of competition for each age group and Echo always puts on a good show for its competitors and spectators.  

Whether your new to the boxes, rails, booters, and kickers or a seasoned hucker there is alot going on in freestyle snowsports. There is no better time than now to get out there and learn or progress your skills. Here are some helpful park etiquette tips.

1. Always stretch your legs and upper body before riding

2. Look before you leap ( gappers are everywhere)

3. Never stop on or near landings

4. Ride within your skill level

5. Dont alter jumps made by park crew members

Flying around the mountain is very much fun and freestyle is the new hot doggin.  Our sport is progressing and attracting new peoeple everyday, so remember veterans set a good example to all the new members on the mountain. You are part of the reason they have such an interest in our sport. Dont spoil it for them. So in conclusion get out there and ride take the family, the friends or just get away to the beauty of Colorado. Lets ride Ill see you out there


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