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Snow White at the Lakewood Cultural Center

The ticket and program for Snow White
The ticket and program for Snow White
Johanna Namminga

The production of Snow White at Lakewood Cultural Center was wonderful, especially for a kid's production.  Snow White was put on by a cast of kids of various ages who rehearsed for a week.  Although not a professional stage production, the sheer cuteness of the kids in their forest critters costumes make this a fun musical for families to see.  Also, the fact that children rehearsed lines, songs, and dances for only a week and then performed an hour long play was incredibly impressive.  Most of the performances were spot on, suggesting there might be some future actors in the mix.

The production of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs was put on by the Missoula Children's Theatre and the Lakewood Cultural Center.  This production put in a few twists on the classic tale, including characters like Witless the Woodsman and the Backwards King.  Then the dwarfs were given various names, including Bob.  The magic mirror added a bit of cheeky humor to the mix as well.  The music wasn't awe-inspiring, but the humor was fun.  This is definitely a fun production for families to choose for an option for Inspire Your Heart with Art Day or just because.