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Snow time in Irving

Photo provided from Avengola website

Guess what Buffalo? It’s that time already; freezing temperatures, icicles, and snow 24/7. Will live in Buffalo so we might as well enjoy it! Starting the weekend of February 20th is Evangola State Park’s 5th annual winter festival in Irving, NY. For those who enjoy the snow it’s a really great time. For the family or you and your friends it’s a good time just to play in what covers Buffalo most of the year!

The festival runs from Saturday, February 20th to Sunday, February 21st. On Saturday and Sunday the festival runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with different event each day. Saturday’s events include fire fighter winter rescue competition, skiing, and snowman building. Sunday’s events include Santa and his reindeer, snowman building, food, hayrides, hot drinks, sleigh rides, and anything imaginable in the snow.

For directions or more information you can click on the link below. Or for more information call (716) 549-1802 with list of events. Come have some fun in the snow! Buffalo will have more snow in the months to come!