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Snow storm 2014: Delta Airlines plane skids off icy runway into snowbank at JFK

Snow storm 2014: Delta Airlines plane skids off icy runway into snowbank at JFK
Snow storm 2014: Delta Airlines plane skids off icy runway into snowbank at JFK

Snow storm 2014 is bringing the coldest temperatures in two decades and on Sunday morning, a Delta Airlines plane skidded off an icy runway and ended up in a snowbank at JFK prompting a two-hour closure of the entire airport. None of the 35 people on board Delta Airlines Flight 4100, which originated from Toronto, were injured, reported the New York Post on Jan. 5, 2014. “It could have been a lot worse,” said a third-row passenger aboard Flight 4100. “We all got out alive and unharmed.”

Snow storm 2014 is keeping airport personnel on alert and busy. After Delta Airlines Flight 4100 landed on runway 22 around 8 a.m., skidded off the runway, and ended in a snow bank, first-responders had to shovel snow away from around the CRJ2 aircraft’s wheels before the Delta plane could be towed to the gate at JFK.

“I didn’t hear or see anything. I was out. I had slept through most of it,” said another passenger. “When I woke up I heard an announcement from the pilot that the plane had hit a patch of ice and slid on the runway. I didn’t even know what had happened until I got off the plane.”

According to the FAA, “as the aircraft was exiting the runway onto a taxiway, it slid into the snow.” The tracking website FlightAware is reporting that across the country, at least 2,400 flights had been cancelled on Sunday. Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway international airports cancelled about 1,200 flights as five to seven inches of snow fell overnight in the Chicago area.

Eight to 10 inches of snow are expected to fall in central Illinois, Indiana and Michigan throughout Sunday and the Dakotas and Minnesota reported temperatures 20 degrees below zero.

Snow storm 2014 is expected to continue with the coldest temperatures in almost two decades and the dangerously cold arctic blast is threatening to cancel more flights. The National Weather Service reports heavy snow, freezing rain, and below normal temperatures through Monday and Tuesday.

“Heavy snow possible from parts of the Lower Missouri Valley into the Great Lakes ... Freezing rain is possible over interior Northern New England/Northern Mid-Atlantic ... Temperatures will be 30 to 50 degrees below average from the Northern/Central High Plains to the Upper Mississippi Valley.”