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Snow Still in the Forecast - Protect your Pet

The official start of Spring may be right around the corner, but it is still cold outside and we are expecting more snow. We know you wouldn't want to sleep outside on nights like these, so please don't leave your dog outside!

The paws, ears and tail are the most common area to be affected. After you walk your dog in the cold weather, make sure you rub him down and dry him off. Checking over his paw pads, ears and the whole tail for any signs of coldness. Be sensitive to notice if he is in pain when you touch any part of his body. Sometimes frostbite may take several days to appear, especially if the affected area is small, like the ears or tail.

Basic first aid is to move your dog to a warm, dry area as quickly and as safely as possible. Wrap towels or blankets around him. Contact your veterinarian. Frostbite might not just be external, his internal organs could also be frozen or partial frozen. Seek medical attention!

If you see a dog suffering outside, please contact your local animal rescue or shelter group. No dog should suffer the slow death of freezing.

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