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Snow melt reveals dozens of dead dogs in Detroit area

Bodies of dogs are being found as the snow melts
Bodies of dogs are being found as the snow melts
via DAWG FB page

Warming temperatures and melting snow has revealed dozens of dead dogs in one area of Detroit, Mich., reported Friday's CBS Detroit.

On Friday, Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), described the horror found at one 1200-acre park:

Rouge River Park has become a wasteland of dead dogs and dog fighting. These poor babies were found yesterday.

The rescue agency posted photos of the sad discovery on their Facebook page - most of the photos are too graphic to share...dogs, curled in a fetal position, dead where they drew their final breath.

Nicole Litzelman, a DAWG board member, stated:

A majority of them are due to illegal activities, such as fighting. It’s consistent with the bite wounds that are on the dogs. Most of them have either bled to death or have large gaping wounds that were never treated,

The park is well-know for dog fighting and has a high activity for drugs and other illegal activities.

One of the dogs was actually inside of a discarded dog house - curled up where he had been abandoned.

The group fears that there are more bodies to be found, and on Saturday morning, an organized search party is planning to scour the park to see what remains to be discovered.

DAWG posted:

Prayers needed for all the dog angels coming out today to search for dead and alive dogs in the Rouge park. It will be an emotional day for all. Please pray for their safety and courage.

Anyone who is aware of dog fighting activities is asked to make a report to the Michigan Humane Society at (313) 872-3401.

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